George Taylor is President of Applied Climate Services of Corvallis, Oregon, specializing in extreme precipitation analyses, weather event reconstruction, and forensic meteorology. Formerly the State Climatologist for Oregon for 19 years, Taylor has been active in meteorology and climatology since 1971.


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  1. Hey George,

    It’s Grant LeBlanc, I had lost your email awhile back since you had stepped down as State Climatologist. I was wanting to get back into some discussions with you, including one of my plans to develop sounding towers throughout the Willamette Valley, starting in McMinnville (Central Valley). You can go ahead and go to my web site and check out all the details via my blog.

    I have added your blog to my favorites and feel a bit ashamed that I did not know of your blog any sooner. I hope all is well on your part, it’s great to see that we still have your talents in the weather community.

    Grant LeBlanc

    • Hi Grant-

      Good to hear from you. I just started my blog, but I welcome you to send it comments; I’d even consider having you do a guest post. Think about it!


      • George,

        Sorry for the belated reply, my mother had lung surgery so I was with family the past two weeks! It was sure great to see some rainfall this morning in Southwest McMinnville (.10 total on my new rain guage) and in Oregon in general.

        As for the guest post, I would be more than honored to post with you. Shoot me by an email grantleblanc88@hotmail.com and we can discuss that further when you have time.

        Rumor has it that you will be at the October “What Will Winter Be Like”

      • (Sorry it cut me off)

        Rumor has it that you will be at the October “What Will Winter Be Like” meeting, that will be a good sight!

        Anyways, email me, have a lot to discuss!


  2. Jeremy says:

    Just found your (relatively) new blog. I used to read “Weather Matters” all the time until the link went dead. Glad to see you are still writing.

  3. Sean Skipper says:

    Hi George,
    I have been following your articles for as long as i can remember and meet you last year at the Albany AG Breakfast. I find you to be the best source of the “real world” about weather and climate.
    I just wanted to know what you think of the weather we have over the last two years? I work in the heating and air conditioning industry and pay pretty close attention to the weather for obvious reasons. It seems to me last summer was cooler than average and this spring seems cooler yet? One other question is what is the latest date Corvallis has reached 80F (seeing we finaaly did today ) ?

    Best Wishes and thanks for all the good work you do,

    Sean Skipper

  4. Sean Skipper says:

    I am amazed how many people don’t have the ability to think for themselves and have common sense with all the global warming nonsense BTW! Drives me crazy George?

  5. Ellen says:

    Not sure how to contact you other than a comment here. But I am wondering what the record number of consecutive days with no measurable precipitation is for Albany, and how close we might be to reaching/exceeding that record. I don’t believe the couple days that we have had a bit of precipitation in the valley the last few weeks were recordable at the Hyslop station. I could be wrong. Accuweather’s forecast through the end of the month shows no rain. Thanks.

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