Another big storm…

My winter forecast was “wet, windy and wild.” We got another 3W storm this week.

Some storm precipitation totals from Jim Little of Oregon Department of Forestry:


12/28/2010   700 AM PST

Rainfall for selected stations.

24Hr  Precip
Location                ID         (inches)
====================   =====       ========
Lees Camp Rain G       LEEO3         4.20
Cape Mear Meares       AS612         3.95
Cedar                  CDFO3         3.88
Lees Camp Dw0237       D0237         3.82
South Fork             SFKO3         3.56
Mt. Hebo Hebowx        AR658         3.33
North Fork             NFRO3         3.30
Mcminnville            D4442         3.26
Oceanside Ocnsid       AT709         3.17
Rye Mountain           BDFO3         2.86
Road's E W7kke-3       AP682         2.81
Saddle Mountain        SDMO3         2.80
Pacific Paccty-2       AT297         2.80
Red Hill               REDO3         2.80
Newport Wa7zvy-4       AS512         2.77
Red Mound              RMFO3         2.73
Log Creek              LGFO3         2.60
Quail Prairie Lo       QPFO3         2.59
Tillamook Airpor       KTMK          2.58
Jewell Wildlife        JELO3         2.50
Lincoln C Lincon       AR659         2.50
Tillamook              TMKO3         2.41
Seine Creek            SECO3         2.40
Bald Knob              BKFO3         2.38
Miller Woods           MWDO3         2.30
Tierra De Dw2405       D2405         2.25
Tidewater              MTRO3         2.24
Little Meadows         LMDO3         2.20
Mount Hood Meado       MHM52         2.11
Miller                 MLLO3         2.09
Dallas Cw9822          C9822         2.07
Marion Forks           MRFO3         2.00

Some maximum wind speed values:

Location                ID         (mph)
====================   =====       =====
Mt. Hebo Hebowx        AR658         68
Squaw Peak             SQFO3         68
Red Box                RXFO3         67
Cape Blanco Coas       K92S          67
Lincoln C Lincon       AR659         66
Lostine Cw7477         C7477         57
Cape Mear Meares       AS612         56
Garibaldi              GARO3         55
Mt Howard Howard       AT690         53
Pacific Paccty-2       AT297         53
Newport Municipa       KONP          52
Astoria                ASTO3         51
Eugene Kc7rjk-2        AR232         51
Summer Lake            SLKO3         51
Florence/siuslaw       FCGO3         48
Garibaldi Kb7qwz       AR758         47
Cape Foul Newprt       AR160         47
Tidewater              MTRO3         45
Ruggs Dw5076           D5076         45
Ladd Canyon At C       ODT18         44
Yachats Yachts         AS531         44
Newport Dw1265         D1265         44
Clatsop Spit           3CLO3         43
Astoria Regional       KAST          43
Tierra De Dw2405       D2405         43
Tillamook Airpor       KTMK          41
Portland Dw3557        D3557         41
Road's E W7kke-3       AP682         41
Summit                 SMFO3         41
Onion Mountain L       OMFO3         41
Signal Tree            TRFO3         40
Long Prairie           LGPO3         40

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