Big Rainfall Event

A significant rainfall event occurred overnight on October 23-24.

Here’s a map of estimated storm total precipitation from NWS:

From Jim Little of the Oregon Department of Forestry:




900 AM PDT

24-hour Rainfall for selected stations.

Location          ID         (inches)
====================   =====       ========
Quail Prairie Lo       QPFO3         3.36
Red Mound              RMFO3         2.84
Goodwin Peak           GPFO3         2.70
Deadwoo Kc7rjk-3       AT060         2.70
Rye Mountain           BDFO3         2.68
Obrien (us 199 M       ODT25         2.60
Illinois Valley        SBFO3         2.55
Dallas Cw9822          C9822         2.52
Wilkinson Ridge        WKFO3         2.52
Annie Springs          ANSO3         2.50
Bigelow Camp           BGCO3         2.50
Mcminnvil Dw4442       D4442         2.45
Village Creek          VCFO3         2.43
North Bend Munic       KOTH          2.32
Trout Creek            TCFO3         2.32
Miller Woods           MWDO3         2.30
Road's E W7kke-3       AP682         2.21
Bend Watershed         BWSO3         2.21
Fourmile Lake          FRLO3         2.20
Crazyman Flat          CZFO3         2.20
Cedar                  CDFO3         2.12
Seine Creek            SECO3         2.10
Roaring River          RORO3         2.10
Sevenmile Marsh        SVMO3         2.10
Cascade Summit         CSTO3         2.10
Toketee Airstrip       TOKO3         2.10
Devils Graveyard       DVLO3         2.10
Lees Camp Dw0237       D0237         2.09
Elgin Cw8673           C8673         2.08
Yellowstone Mtn.       YEFO3         2.08
Saddle Mountain        SDMO3         2.00
Little Meadows         LMDO3         2.00
Salt Creek Falls       SCFO3         2.00
Junction  Dw5719       D5719         1.99
Bald Knob              BKFO3         1.98
Log Creek              LGFO3         1.97
High Point             LOFO3         1.96
Toketee                TOFO3         1.93
Burnt Ridge            BNFO3         1.92
Steamboat Ranger       SRSO3         1.90
Three Creeks Mea       TCMO3         1.90
Schneider Meadow       SCHO3         1.90
Gresham Cw0493         C0493         1.89
Cannibal Mountai       CNFO3         1.89
Rockhouse 1            RKHO3         1.87
Mount Stella           MSFO3         1.86
Dallas Cw5404          C5404         1.84
Brush Creek            BRUO3         1.83
Reedsport Cw1063       C1063         1.83
Tumalo Ridge           TMRO3         1.82

Precipitation for 24 hours ending approximately 9:00am.
Data from

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