A “Sunset Rainbow”

A sunset rainbow, Corvallis, Oregon, August 2010 (Steve Ferrier)

Every now and then I see an atmospheric optical display I have never seen before. Such was the case on August 17, 2010, when a “red rainbow” shone in the skies above Corvallis at sunset. It lasted about 10 minutes and was truly eye-catching.

According to the Atmospheric Optics web site (http://www.atoptics.co.uk/rainbows/redbow.htm), “Sunset and sunrise rays travel long paths through the lower atmosphere where they are scattered by air molecules and dust. Short wavelength blues and greens are scattered most strongly leaving the remaining transmitted light proportionately richer in reds and yellows. The result, glorious sunsets and red rainbows.”

Steve Ferrier, my Web guy (http://www.designbymoonlight.com), sent me the picture above. He took the picture from his home in southwest Corvallis. Thanks, Steve!


About George Taylor

Climatologist, husband, father (3), grandfather (2)
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