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The Columbus Day Storm

Jack Capell was worried, and more than a little unhappy. Earlier he had forecast that a very large storm was about to strike Oregon, but he did so largely on a hunch. He went outside, walked from the Weather Service … Continue reading

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Earl Stewart – 78 Years of Weather Observations

Earl Stewart was a teenager, and like many boys his age was sometimes tempted to get into trouble. His father, Clint, was worried about Earl, and decided to give him a responsibility in hopes of “keeping him occupied.” Clint, the … Continue reading

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The Ozone Hole — should we be alarmed?

In 1999, I was asked to write a Weather Matters column discussing stratospheric ozone, including the “ozone hole.” Consensus science said that ozone destruction was due largely to human-emitted chemicals, especially chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead to Fall, Winter, Spring

Last year’s El Niño event has been replaced, in a short period of time, by a La Niña, or “cool event.” That means that the cool water in the tropics west of South America has become even cooler than normal, … Continue reading

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