Rick Spaziani Lightning Pictures

Rick Spaziani sent me some amazing lightning pictures. I’ll let him describe them:

I live east of Lebanon about 5 miles. Every few years or so everything in the atmosphere lines up right and we get some good lightning, plus I need not to sleep through it, have film, and it can’t be raining at the time. All these photos are from our house since 1998.

On 5-25-10 around 2am my wife woke me to flashes coming through the window. I checked out the Doppler radar and saw a very long line of heavy showers developing only after it crested the cascades going from east to west. It dissipated somewhat as it headed west after hitting I-5. It was a long, thin narrow band stretching about 30 miles and unusual from what I am used to. Anyway, I set up the camera and tri-pod in the front yard. I use a 35mm, 50ASA or 100ASA speed slide film using an old Pentax camera and wide angle lens.

All of the photos are from my yard. Three of them are from 5/25 and the other two are from 2004 and 2001. The black and white photos are from 1998. I just happened to have black and white film in my camera. The one entitled “cropped” is the right side of the “two strikes” photo. It was blown up to show detail. It is interesting to see the bolt weave its way through the trees. Strange.

The one from 2004 shows a small negative (or is it positive) charge coming out of the ground right in front of me. It was taken at 3am. I usually have a locking cable on my shutter, then hide in the house and watch. That time I couldn’t locate it so I just held down the shutter with my finger. That one was exciting and went running to the house after that.

The purple and blue colors are from the slow speed slide film. I did very little, if any, cropping or color touch up on any of them.


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3 Responses to Rick Spaziani Lightning Pictures

  1. Denise Thwing says:

    Great Pictures! Absolutely Amazing!

  2. G Clark says:

    wow these photos are great i need some top tips on taking photography like this. . .

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